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Our manned guarding services are comprehensive and will provide you with a cost efficient security solution.
Best calibre security staffing to align with your business image


We understand your corporate security needs and will be able to provide you with hand selected security manpower to add value to your corporate image.


We are passionate about what we do and will go the extra mile to deliver the correct level of security.

Strong discipline and firm access control


Industrial operations and plants require a robust level of security discipline. This in combination with properly implemented security procedures forms the core of your security controls.


Our in-depth experience in formulating practicable security procedures in combination with suitable electronic systems will leave you at the front-end of a modernised security approach to combat your industrial security risks.

Skilled warehouse despatch | receiving | stock movement


Stock movement in most warehouse environments demands thorough control procedures as well as a clear understanding of securing stock with scrupulous security measures.


Our experience in this field will prove to be of exceptional value to your logistical security challenges.

A tailored approach whilst maintaining vigilance


A meticulous approach towards personal and residential safety is key to achieving an overall effective security arrangement at your estate or private residence.


Taking care of your tailored requirements is one of our fortes and we always place you and your family's safety first.

Understanding the provision of short notice services - in normally difficult circumstances gives us the edge


With extensive security experience in the auctioneering environment we are pleased to provide our customers with a knowledgeable and highly skilled service.


We comprehend the intricacies involved in formulating appropriate security measures for your unique requirements within the auctioneering industry.

Etiquette and groomed skills to fit in with your customer friendly approach


Our perfectly groomed and well-disciplined officers will fit in with your quality image and promote the level of experience to your customers.


Understanding the high demands of our clients makes us a valuable supplier in this field.

Specialised requirements with customised solutions


We are well experienced to handle large crowds and will compliment your special event with our knowledge and reliability.

Special events
Specialised individual protection


Specialised personal security assignments is a sensitive undertaking that needs to be handled with precaution and diligence. 

VIP protection
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