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As part of our strategy to achieve the edge in the market we continuously strive to improve our technological applications utilised in the day-to-day operation of our business.
BLOODHOUND | real-time patrol management


No matter the size of the premises, Bloodhound Resource management solution can provide expertise to companies needing to align their technology with their business objectives in the area of security solutions.


​The system has the ability to monitor the guard’s productivity in an unlimited area, by setting up routes for patrolling, sending specific instructions and identifying guards within a specific area.


​The system provides real-time visual representation of guard movements and provides management reports as per business requirements.


The solution can be easily implemented at military sites, airports, banks, gated communities, estates and other sites that require an accurate real-time security guarding system.

INCIDENT DESK | occurence management


Incident Desk is a cohesive application that is employed to record and manage event data opposed to manual recording of event activities.

VIDEOFIED | remote video management


SecurityViewer combines a PIR, camera and illuminators into a self-powered device that can be instantly mounted anywhere security is needed.


The panel communicates alarms to the Central Station over the cell network using GSM and GPRS. Video Verification (10 second video of the intrusion) for the same price as a blind burglar alarm.


The SecurityViewer literally needs no wires or cables, not even to power the panel. The SecurityViewer combats escalating false alarms with fast & efficient wireless installations eliminating customer mess and dealer stress.

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